The Gold EP
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Energetic Opposition

Eat the Sun

High Roller

Thirty Minute​


Marine (Ode to R Lee Ermey)​

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Artistic Photograph of Four Thirty FourNo fads. No gimmicks. No trends.

The maxim used to describe Central Virginia’s, blue-collared quartet, Four Thirty Four

The group formed in late 2019 when members Mike Vernon (vocals), Craig Coyner (bass), and Scott Jordan (guitar) added drummer Greg Baker to the fold, to solidify the lineup. The band’s name and logo, Four Thirty Four, is a spinoff of a regional area code, created with the intent to represent Central Virginia with their brand of music.

With diverse songwriting and an unconventional sound, Four Thirty Four recorded and released six singles in mid-2020. By distributing these singles, one per month, each song got its own release date and attention, truly capturing the band’s influence, style and creativity. Using this release structure, networking through social media and beyond, the band sparked the attention of many streaming radio programs/personalities in the U.S. and overseas programs in the UK, France and Australia. In support of these singles, Four Thirty Four continues to perform throughout VA, with shows stretching into NC, and PA. Adopting the slogan ‘Live Music Rules’ and spreading the word through high energy live performances, a grassroots following has begun to amass. Bringing live music to fans was the focus, an explosive hard-rock sermon was the catalyst. The band’s social media has seen growth in numbers from the campaign, by reaching close to 4,000 followers to date.

August 2021 marked the release of “The Gold EP”…which includes four songs. Since its release, Four Thirty Four continues to reach new fans, explore new venues and travel to new states. The year was highlighted with a performance at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival. The song “Red Eye”, off the current EP, is in production and set to be the band’s first music video.